PKI Services

PKI makes authentication and transfer of data along with online signing convenient and secure. Services like sign, sign hash, encryption, decryption, and the repository assistance makes it easier for the applicant to gather the desired information like user name, registration, and validity details related to the DSCs.

This secured PKI network works as a valid key to decrypt the encrypted data related to the usage of DSCs. Public Key Infrastructure is a specialized framework that has helped in authenticating users and devices in this digital world. The basic idea is to make transactions secured between one or more trusted parties. This key can be used as a reliable medium for identity verification of the users as well as their DSCs in these digital networks.

PKI Service Commands


With PKI you can sign all sorts of data or information, online or offline using the pkiNetworkSign command. It lets the user sign XML, PDF, TEXT, Documents, etc.

Sign Hash

The user can sign and hash their documents in encrypted form using the pkiNetworkSignHash command. It is preferred where the privacy of the document has to be maintained.

Verify Sign

The Verify Sign helps the user to identify the digital signature on any sort of document/text, etc without any hassle using the pkiNetworkVerSign command.


This pkiNetworkEnc command is used to encrypt data using a public key so that no one except a private keyholder will be able to access confidential information.


Only the Private Keyholder holds the power to decrypt the encoded message. Thus, it enhances the authenticity of the shared file using the pkiNetworkDeEnc command.

Certificate Extract

This pkiNetworkCertExt command is used to get the information regarding the certificate. It shows registration details, validity, name & other information.

Certificate Authenticate

With this service, you can verify the details of the certificate and can verify if the certificate is valid or not using the pkiNetworkCertAuth command.

Encryption Signing

The PkiNetworkEncSig command help in encrypting the block of the Text file and then the same data would be signed with the selected DSC.

File Encryption

The pkiNetworkFileEnc is the dedicated command used to encrypt the file from the client machine.

File Encryption & Signing

The PkiNetworkFileEncSig helps the user to encrypt the file from the client machine and perform signing.

File Sign

pkinetworkFilesign helps the user in signing the selected files after converting them into the encrypted Base64.

File Encryption & Extraction

This pkiNetworkFileSign command is helpful in extracting the P7B file of the encryption certificate, converting into Base 64 and sending back the response.

With the help of all the services related to the PKI network, the user can make their digital signing process easier and convenient. Also, whenever you seek help related to PKI, its service and network, you should feel free to dial our dedicated support number 011-614 00 000 or you can write to info@pki.network. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help you.